Case Studies

Fishing for a smarter solution
When Navico went fishing for a smarter connectivity solution, they chose ClarinoxBlue dual mode Bluetooth protocol stack for their short range wireless technology needs.

Exploring new product developments
When Logitech decided to venture into new markets, they chose Clarinox as their preferred wireless supplier. Find out how Clarinox contributed to Logitech's vision.

Next Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
Daimler AG, known for unsurpassed quality, chose the combination of Green Hills and Clarinox software for their pre-development project needs.

A Revolution in Collaboration Solutions
SMART Technologies, known for unsurpassed quality and innovative products, chose ClarinoxBlue Smart Ready for their short range wireless technology needs.

Short Range Connectivity for Satellite Navigation
NovAtel is well known as a high quality vendor of high precision OEM GNSS positioning technology. The Clarinox Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stacks, ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxWiFi, enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality inside the new Novatel ProPak6 GNSS receiver.

Control and communication software, Medical Device Company, Australia
Development of hardware and software proof of concept incorporating standard mobile phone as the instrument for control and communication with Cochlear products via a Bluetooth enabled wearable gateway. Data transfer over Bluetooth and Nordic profiles and presentation via customized user interface. ARM7 and Windows Mobile platforms.

Multiple I/O interface development, Government Project, South Korea
Supply of ClarinoxBlue for FTP profile for Magiceyes MT250X (ARM9 Dual core), WinCE 5.0 platform to support development of a multifunction board supporting multiple I/O interfaces.

Extreme Sports Communicator, Communication Company, Australia
Clarinox Audio Gateway and ClarinoxBlue facilitated the short range communication on this rugged device aimed at motor cyclists and other extreme sport enthusiasts. Advanced features currently under development. TI-DSP platform.

Advanced Electronic Signage, US market
Clarinox provided framework for multiple wireless including GPRS / GSM Data and SSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi interfaces. Hardware design based upon state of the art DaVinci architecture with high speed digital design. Complex FPGA design (400,000 gates) with multiple parallel soft processors. DSP video technology for live video streaming and animated GIF decoding. Ethernet and USB interfaces. DaVinci platform.

BeATS, Audio Tour System for cultural venues
Development of hardware and software for real-time streaming of MP3 over Bluetooth for multiple users simultaneously, multiple profiles and tracking application. This was a joint development whereby Clarinox developed the embedded software and wireless applications and Tata developed the desktop based user interface in Java/JSP, Postgress database application and reporting software. The user device alone runs approximately 150,000 lines of code on a ARM7 processor with eCos operating system. From the initial requirements through implementation Object Oriented methodologies were applied.

In-vehicle communicator, Australia
Integration of multiple wireless technologies including 433 MHz and Bluetooth plus standard handsfree functionality. Provision of Clarinox Handsfree reference design and ClarinoxBlue ported onto the TI DSP/ARM processor.   

Bluetooth AudioGateway implementation, Specialised communications, USA
Clarinox Audio Gateway and ClarinoxBlue ported onto the TI TMS320 59xx OMAP DSP/ARM9 processor for short range communication device.  

Bluetooth enabled radio handset, Radio Communications, Australia
Ported ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxSoftFrame onto the TI TMS320 5502 processor using TI's DSP-BIOS RTOS. Porting was done on TI's Code Composer IDE. Developed Codec drivers and UART drivers for the same platform.

Electronic Tagging, investigation & trial projects, Mining Industry, Australia/USA
Development of software for RFID readers, application to allow communication with a handheld, GUI for handheld device, synchronization of handheld to desktop and desktop GUI for RFID application. Familiar with 13.56MHz (HF) as well as UHF. Design of an Anti-Collision algorithm. ARM7 and WindowsXP platforms.

Embedded VoIP Device Feasibility and Design, Electronics Supplier, Australia
Investigation of feasibility and design for a Voip device for outdoor use. The software is designed by using Clarinox SoftFrame and the hardware is based on Clarinox hardware reference designs.

Child tracking project, USA
Application of in-house developed location algorithms to the task of tracking a single tag carried by a child from a single monitoring point within a 100m radius. Bluetooth technology was used for this application. Implemented in C++ this project demonstrated embedded object oriented complex application development. Parent side application would display the distance and the direction of the child when the child is moving away from the parent.

Electronic funds transfer embedded software, POS solutions, Australia
Software development and porting activities including full testing and documentation for support electronic funds transfer proprietary ARM7 based POS hardware. The following were amongst the system components; magnetic card reader, printer, Ethernet and GPRS communication modules.

Audio guidance for vision impaired, Australia
Developed hardware and software for demonstration of use of short range wireless technology to provide audible guidance for vision impaired as part of a City of Melbourne project to coincide with the Commonwealth Games 2006.

Call center audio equipment design, Leading OEM Firm, Australia
Designed various hardware and software components for the TI TMS320 67xx DSP processor based audio streaming equipment. System implements a patented shriek rejection algorithm to protect the opearator from abusive sound.

Bluetooth enabled automotive aftermarket product, Australia
Ported ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxSoftFrame onto the AnalogDevices BlackFin DSP and Velosity RTOS for in-cabin combined audio and communication device.

Remote Control Monitoring Software, Leading OEM Firm
Graphical User Interface written in C++ for remote monitoring and control of multiple installations of industrial units via modem. PC and embedded target platforms were included in this development.

Taxi Dispatch and Monitoring System Infrastructure
A generic infrastructure for monitoring the locations of the vehicles and provide information to the web based customers of this system. Tetra or GPRS could have been used as the communication infrastructure and a printer, security camera or POS terminal could be connected as a peripheral in the vehicle.

Autonomous robotic vehicle project, University Project, Australia
Work involved installing a simple JVM on a 68HC11 microcontroller platform and constructing a Java application to send and receive commands for the purpose of controlling the navigation of the vehicle.