Supported Real Time Operating Systems  

The Clarinox software framework supports a number of OS/RTOS platforms.


Android OS is a recent addition to the list of supported OS.

Apple iOS

Clarinox supports iOS and is registered for the MFi program.


Clarinox has extensive experience with and have supported eCos since 2003.


A recent open source addition to the range of RTOS supported by Clarinox.

Green Hills INTEGRITY / u-VelOSity

Clarinox is a Green Hills Software partner for the supply of Bluetooth technology on the INTEGRITY platform.

Linux / Embedded Linux

Various flavours of Linux and embedded Linux are supported.

Microsoft (Windows XP/7/8 & Windows Phone 7/8)

Clarinox is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and supports Windows desktop platforms for our debug tools, and real time target platforms including WinCE and Windows Phone 7/8.


Clarinox recently added support for the MQX platform.

Nucleus by Mentor Graphics

Clarinox joined the Mentor Graphics Partner Program in 2014 and is proud to support this platform.


Clarinox supports QNX platforms and have been a Bluetooth technology partner to QNX since 2007.

Texas Instruments

Clarinox supports the TI-RTOS Kernel, formally known as SYS/BIOS platform.

Express Logic ThreadX

Clarinox is an Express Logic partner for the supply of Bluetooth technology on their ThreadX platform.


Clarinox supports the uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III platforms by Micrium.


A recent addition to supported RTOS by Clarinox.

VxWorks by Wind River® Systems

Clarinox provides full support for the VxWorks platform.
Our award-winning ClarinoxBlue™ and ClarinoxWiFi™ protocol stacks are available as packages for download and install on VxWorks® 7.
We are also pleased to be part of the Wind River® Partner Program.

Other Supported Platforms

Clarinox offers porting services, should a different platform be required.

RTOS on the roadmap for 2015 include embOS & RTX.