Koala® EVM

Koala® EVM enables embedded systems developers to create both low and high power wireless systems communicating over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. It provides a fast and cost effective way to commence embedded wireless development with all major wireless technologies.

Koala EVM

Industry's first and only platform to support development for all major wireless technologies

Koala EVM is the only wireless evaluation platform enabling development for WiFi WLAN, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart) with Bluetooth® 4.1.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart Logos
Multiple wireless technologies

Single application, multiple targets

Create, test and debug applications for simultaneous multiple wireless technologies. Koala EVM gives you the flexibility to target all supported technologies within a single application.

180-MHz ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCU

The ARM® Cortex™-M4 high performance embedded processor breaks down today's barriers; allowing you to develop lightweight applications for the IoT era, to resource-intensive applications for the industrial sector.

Koala EVM supported toolchains

Extensive toolchain support

Develop applications with IAR Embedded Workbench®ARM® Keil® MDK-ARM and Mentor Graphics® Sourcery™ CodeBench.

Extensive RTOS support

Koala® EVM; supports embOS, FreeRTOS™, MQX™, Nucleus® RTOS, Keil® RTX, ThreadX®,
TI-RTOS and 
uC/OS-III® real-time operating

Koala EVM Supported RTOS
Jannal IDE start page

Combine with Jannal® IDE to boost development speed

With a sleek and simple design, Jannal® Intelligent Design Environment guides embedded engineers through the planning, creating and testing phases of wireless product development.

Develop with Joey™ modules

With Joey add-on modules, you can:

  • add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE connectivity 

  • prototype designs with new breakout boards

Joey™ modules are designed to provide flexibility and convenience to the engineer charged with the task of developing the next generation of innovative wireless electronics.

Clarinox modules

Koala® EVM Hardware Overview


Koala EVM Hardware Overview


Koala® EVM features:

  • Arduino connector
  • LCD interface with touch screen support
  • Ethernet interface
  • Camera interface
  • USB-OTG Micro USB connector
  • USB-Serial Mini USB connector
  • CAN Bus




Koala EVM: Next Generation Preview

Koala EVM: Next Generation Preview

Clarinox Koala EVM

Overview of Clarinox Koala EVM

Embedded Wireless Part 1

Koala EVM running ClarinoxWiFi in AP and STA modes

ClarinoxBlue Smart protocol stack on KoalaEVM

ClarinoxBlue Smart Protocol Stack on KoalaEVM