Clarinox wireless connectivity applications

The embedded systems products and services from Clarinox, like all enabling technologies, have broad application. While embedded systems solutions are of course a horizontal offering there are some verticals where the uptake of the technology is profound.

The lists of horizontal applications for various verticals include:


The embedded systems revolution is transforming the automotive industry rushing it forward from a 8bit processors to multiples of complex processing equipment. Clarinox supplies embedded Bluetooth, embedded software and PCB hardware development services.

Health / Medical

Remote control for medical equipment, telemedicine and exercise management are but a few of the applications for Bluetooth and other wireless technologies in the medical and healthcare fields.

Consumer Electronics

The Clarinox Koala EVM with ready made infrastructure for using LCD/Camera/Touch Screen/USB/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is an ideal start for a range of IoT devices such as smart glass, smart watch, smart camera .


Whether its short range communications for emergency personnel or adding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to satelite communication products, Clarinox has extensive Bluetooth, WiFi and DSP experience. In addition to protocol stack software Clarinox provides PCB hardware design and low level embedded software and software development.

Location Determination

Point to point, using set infrastructure, Clarinox can build a system around the technology that best suits the application requirements.

Government and Defense

Communication is vital but with the added requirements of security, encryption and other custom requirements.


Process plant items, telemetry, control systems, many traditional components in the industrial arena are finding applications for wireless technologies.

Mobile Computing

Specialized equipment, peripherals, remote access, image and data transfer, just a few of the possibilities within this area.


Loyalty systems, short range communications, market intelligence, targeted advertising & Point-Of-Sale devices. Clarinox can supply product development - both hardware and low level and wireless software development.

Wireless Music and Video

Wireless transmission of CCTV images, music files, animated images and video are all possible with today's wireless technologies.

Smart Warehouse

Asset and personnel tracking, occupational health and safety systems.


Building access, intruder detection and device scanning.

Digital Signage

Wireless controllers provide immediate updates without cables or complicated equipment.

Sensor Network

Detection of environmental variables, monitoring and control.

Automatic Meter Reading

Readers that collect and send their data so avoiding the cost of manual reading.