Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity for In-Vehicle Infotainment

"I have had the privilege of working with Clarinox to debug and test Bluetooth-enabled device integration with our automotive multimedia products, and have seen the enormous benefits realised from the tools they provide."
- Sumitomo Wiring Systems

Clarinox connectivity solutions solve the issues caused by the gap between the long development cycles in auto industry and the short production cycles in the consumer electronics.

More and more consumers use smart technology and their products become extensions of their personalities storing personal info, pics, videos and messages. It is only natural to desire to sync these gadgets wirelessly to their car. This demand from consumers for fastcompatible solutions is priority number one for the manufacturers that see this as a market opportunity.

Clarinox infotainment connectivity solutions are flexible in that they can operate with all major OSs, future proof meaning they not only function now but also will function later when new gadgets are in place, and most importantly, are very robust and fast allowing consumer satisfaction for end users.

ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth stack and ClarinoxWiFi WiFi stack deliver on these promises by giving the developer a robust core, minimising time on cost generating tasks and maximising time on the desired application. These products give the developer the power to work with any of the main environments without giving any compromise on robustness.

Past Projects


  • Faster time-to-market
  • Better visibility for faster debugging
  • Reduced engineering cost
  • Reduction in development risk
  • Remove the need for the user to handle the Bluetooth complexity
  • Ability to isolate application from lower layers
  • Multiple simultaneous profiles
  • Royalty free license option
  • Integrated wireless

Automotive Infotainment Solutions

  • Music playing from smart phones to the car audio system
  • Manage your music via console
  • Access mobile's phone book
  • Make/accept calls via console
  • Access SMS and mails from the car console (Text-to-speech engine for reading out SMS and Mails)
  • Provide internet access to the car via tethering (using a smartphone)
  • 3G/GPRS network access
  • Wireless diagnostic information

Software Services

  • AV application development
  • Device driver development
  • Digital signal processing

Hardware Services

  • Electronic design / prototyping / RF design / Reference designs
  • Wired and wireless; Bluetooth / CAN bus / MOST bus / etc.

OS/RTOS & CPU support

Our automotive solutions are based on ClarinoxSoftFrame, which provides support for multiple OS and CPU configurations.