Health and Medical

Wireless electronic product development for health and medical applications

“The rapid development of a demonstration wireless system provided our business with new ways of looking at things and new opportunities for growth.”
- Cochlear

For more than 10 years Clarinox has assisted companies that support the health and medical industry. Our experience in wireless product development, combined with our portfolio of wireless protocols, software tools and hardware reference designs place us in a unique position to make sure your wireless product developments are a commercial success.

By working together we can help you with the development of new electronic devices or the upgrade of existing devices.

Clarinox can assist you with your medical product development by providing off the shelf software and hardware components and engineering services.

Past Projects


  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced engineering cost
  • Reduction in development risk
  • Better visibility for faster debugging

Engineering Services

  • Clarinox expertise covers the complete product development life cycle
  • System requirement capture
  • Design reviews
  • Full turnkey developments
  • Test and debug assistance
  • Compliance and certification
  • Maintenance engineering and manufacturing liaison


  • iOS / Android applications
  • Embedded software application development
  • Low level software and device driver development
  • Digital signal processing
  • Wireless protocols, including ClarinoxBlue embedded Bluetooth protocol stack and SoftFrame
  • Firmware and over-the-air upgrade


  • Electronic design / prototyping
  • Reference designs
  • Industrial and mechanical design

OS/RTOS & CPU support

Our health solutions are based on ClarinoxSoftFrame, which provides support for multiple OS and CPU configurations.