Radio Communications

Short range wireless protocols for radio products

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Communication products must be reliable, especially for security and emergency services personnel. We offer engineering services from short range wireless extension for the radio products, through to turnkey product development. Our embedded middleware combines several of the main building blocks required for short range wireless extension including Bluetooth and WiFi. This gives us the ability to provide our clients a more complete package for their product development. 

Clarinox can assist your wireless communications product development by providing off the shelf software and hardware components and engineering services. 

Past Projects


  • Faster time-to-market 
  • Reduced engineering cost 
  • Reduction in development risk 
  • Better visibility for faster debugging 

Electronic Engineering Services 

  • Experience with voice and data communication applications 
  • Wireless electronic hardware design 
  • Low level and driver software development 
  • Embedded software application development 
  • Embedded Bluetooth stack 
  • Embedded Bluetooth application development 
  • Bluetooth reference designs 
  • iPhone / Android phone applications 

Electronic Hardware Design 

  • Reference designs 

Low Level and Driver Software Development 

  • Porting services 
  • Device driver development 
  • Digital signal processing 
  • Wireless 
  • Firmware upgrade 
  • Over the air upgrade 

Embedded Software Application Development 

  • Remote management (wireless) 
  • Multiple application scheduling and maintenance 
  • Wireless 

OS/RTOS & CPU support

Our communication solutions are based on ClarinoxSoftFrame, which provides support for multiple OS and CPU configurations.