Jannal Intelligent Design Environment

Throughout the embedded industry people agree - embedded software developments are becoming more complex. Adding wireless is another level of complexity. The number of wireless projects that are cancelled or behind schedule exceeds the industry average. For engineers to meet the increasing demands in reduced timeframes; superhuman efforts will no longer be enough - new approaches are needed.

Jannal is a new approach. It provides guidance, protocol stack code and effective software debug tools to embedded software engineers developing Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi devices.

Jannal leads the engineer via an intuitive Eclipse-based user interface through the design phase tasks of plan, create and test, significantly reducing the efforts required to add wireless connectivity to a device.

The engineer can try out alternative strategies in order to converge on the optimum design for his or her product because Clarinox has aligned with major RTOS, processor hardware, toolchain and wireless component suppliers to enable a range of choices between target platforms in terms of both hardware and software. This gives the engineer choice and flexibility. Choice of board, choice of RTOS, choice of tool chain. Without the flexibility of Jannal Intelligent Design Environment, experimentation with such a wide range of variables would be impractical.

Once technology choices are made the engineer can proceed by choosing the compile/link parameters within the Create phase of Jannal. Multiple combinations can be made and saved for later re-use. For example, a configuration can be built for debugging and later a separate configuration can be optimised for release. Automated compilation occurs upon request using Clarinox's server. Once downloaded, library code can be merged with application code and readied for testing.

The Jannal Intelligent Design Environment accesses Clarinox debugging tools such as protocol analysers, memory statistics and memory leakage analysis. Operations such as internal event/message handling, task switching and thread switching can be analysed.

Clarinox handles the complexity for projects using multiple target platforms; or with the need to change platform during the product life cycle.

Jannal provides convenience by facilitating a standard approach to embedded wireless developments.

Threading, Timer, Semaphore, Mutex, IPC   message passing, Event handling, Finite state machine. ClarinoxSoftFrame, the infrastructure providing the substance to Jannal; provides standard libraries, memory management functionality for deterministic execution on all platforms. Debug, trace and profiling functions improve the product quality and speed up time to market.