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The Clarinox protocol stack software suite covers Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi for the Nucleus® RTOS platform. Integrate wireless connectivity in new and existing applications, for a myriad of IoT end-applications.

Clarinox provides Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi protocol stacks encapsulated within an award winning C / C++ based framework that incorporates advanced debug and protocol analyzer tools. These products are complimented by a user-friendly configuration tool, comprehensive APIs and evaluation hardware. The Clarinox product suite brings wireless application development to next-generation connected devices running on the Nucleus® RTOS platform.


  • Debugger and protocol analyzer tools simplify debugging of complex applications, enabling faster debugging cycles and delivery times
  • Hides the technology complexity from the user while providing a simple but powerful API Full range of profiles and roles supported
  • Enables multi-profile (Bluetooth), multi-threaded and multi-technology applications with interoperability guaranteed
  • Support for any Bluetooth wireless chipset - simultaneous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on TI WiLink8.