Clarinox Technologies provides recognised research and wireless electronic product development services. AusIndustry Research Provider Number 24480.

The Clarinox team has experience in a variety of embedded engineering disciplines and short-range wireless applications and can contribute over the complete life cycle from project definition, initial design and development through to deployment. Clarinox can provide software/hardware design and development services to compliment the use of the Clarinox tools in a product development project.

If you want the advantages of use that the Clarinox Products offer but cannot spare in-house resources; then Clarinox can assist. Whether as simple as a few hours for participation in design reviews or providing the full range of design and development, testing, qualification and certification Clarinox can complement your existing team.

Areas of expertise

Embedded project life cycle

  • Requirement Specification
  • Preliminary design and protoyping
  • Design, Develop, implement, Integrate
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Maintenance and Interoperability Testing

Embedded software design

  • Embedded Application Design
  • Develop, implement and upgrade embedded software
  • Object oriented methodologies
  • Assembly, C/C++, DSP and Java programming

Object Oriented Methodologies

  • UML
  • Use cases
  • Scenario diagrams
  • Class diagrams
  • Focus on embedded systems
  • Incorporation of real time behavior

Software building blocks

  • Remote firmware upgrade module
  • Communication protocol design and implementation
  • Installation of all major RTOS
  • Development of device drivers
  • Networking component integration
  • Boot-loader code
  • DSP algorithms

Development tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Windriver Tornado Development System
  • Greenhills Velosity, Multi2000 Development Environment
  • GNU ToolKit (Binutils, GCC, GDB, Insight, DDD)
  • QNX Momentics (Eclipse based)
  • TI Code Composer DSP IDE
  • Keil embedded development tools
  • ATMEL AVR Studio, CodeVision AVR C Compiler
  • MRI and IAR Development Suites
  • Hitec C Compiler and Remote Target Debugger
  • HP64xxx In-circuit Emulators
  • BDM/JTAG (68HC16, 68360/302, TI-DSP, MPC860/850, ARM7/9)


  • Assembly Languages
  • 8051, 8085/Z80, 80x86
  • 6303, 6805, 68HC11/16, 68K
  • TMS320 55x, 59x, 67x, 64x
  • PowerPC
  • ARM7/9
  • Atmel AVR
  • PIC
  • C/C++

Peripheral hardware

  • TI Codecs: AIC20, AIC23
  • Motorola Codecs
  • MP3 Decoders
  • USB Controllers, Ethernet Interfaces
  • Magnetic Card Readers
  • Flash Memory Cards (SD, mini-SD)
  • Wireless Modules

Embedded hardware design

  • PCB Design
  • Develop, implement and upgrade embedded hardware
  • Cost down studies
  • Maintenance and upgrade (replace redundant parts)
  • Design Reviews
  • End Product Listing & certification consultancy