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Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd is a member of the Texas Instruments partner program. Clarinox Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy stacks are running on MSP432, TiVa, AM3xx CPUs. Clarinox supports WiLink-6, WiLink-8 and CC2564 wireless components in many customer products.

Clarinox Protocol Stack Advantages

  1. Flexible & Portable – OS agnostic
  2. Smaller application code – application layer smaller and simpler as complexity dealt with within the stack
  3. Highly visible – Powerful debugger. ClariFi, inbuilt for Bluetooth Classic, BLE & Wi-Fi
  4. Robust, modern and object oriented code base – ASPICE, MISRA, ISO9001
  5. Handles complex and comprehensive use cases – all profiles/roles available; simultaneous running of multiple profiles/roles
RTOS/OS Support: TI-RTOS, AutoSAR, FreeRTOS, ThreadX, CMSIS, RTX, uCos-II/III, ulTRON, embOS, MQX, eCos, Nucleus, INTEGRITY, QNX, VxWorks, Windows CE/Mobile, Linux/Embedded Linux/AGL, Mentor Graphics Linux, Wind River Linux, Yocto Linux, Android, Windows 8.1/10

BT/BLE Stack

Bluetooth stack

WiFi Stack

WiFi stack

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