Clarinox is partnering with u-blox to provide customers wireless connectivity stacks and tools to develop their smart connected devices faster and easier. With its support for 20+ most popular RTOS & O/S in the market, Clarinox provides freedom of choice for u-blox customers.

Clarinox’s current support for host based/standalone Bluetooth modules and JODY W1/W2/W3 multi-radio (Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy & Wi-Fi) modules for combined Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth LE protocols, gives the developers all necessary tools for easy design of products that requires simultaneous or separate Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth LE protocols to be implemented.

The advanced debugging tool options helping customers to automate their tedious testing tasks, to implement quality management during manufacturing, to make easy audio performance tuning especially for EC/NR integration, to conduct compliance tests for the regulatory requirements, ensures hassle free fulfillment of any complex use cases with the most stringent time to market requirements.

Advanced debug and protocol analyzer tools are complimented by a user-friendly configuration tool, comprehensive APIs and evaluation hardware. The Clarinox product suite brings wireless application development to next-generation connected devices running on the host based short range multi-radio modules and standalone Bluetooth modules.


  • Debugger and protocol analyzer tools simplify debugging of complex applications, enabling faster debugging cycles and delivery times
  • Hides the technology complexity from the user while providing a simple but powerful API Full range of profiles and roles supported
  • Enables multi-profile (Bluetooth), multi-threaded and multi-technology applications with interoperability guaranteed
  • Support for host based/stand-alone Bluetooth modules and simultaneous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on JODY-W1/W2/W3 multi-radio modules
  • Sample reference applications for various use cases, in many industries including automotive, industry, smart home/smart office/smart factory