Koala Connect®

Koala Connect® a small form factor Bluetooth® module for development or final product design


Fully tested and production ready STM32F411 based dual-band Bluetooth Module



Koala Connect Modules
  • KM-141202 (20 x 30mm BT/BLE)
  • KM-153103 (20 x 34mm Wi-Fi+BT/BLE)
  • Carrier Board for Koala Connect
  • KC-018103 / 4 Joeyduino Carrier
  • KC-008104 WMI Carrier
  • Sensor Modules
  • KM-990501 Sensor Board (21 x 30mm 9D sensor and haptic driver)
    • Easy to interface Clarinox sensor module
    • Pin compatible with Koala Connect wireless modules
    • Flexible Haptic Driver for ERM and LRA
    • Inertial module with 3D accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer
    • Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller
    • Low voltage I2C to Parallel Port Expander
    • 6-pin JTAG programming interface
    • Battery charging capability



    MCU STM32F411 (Bluetooth/BLE)
    Bluetooth/Bluetooth LE Radio TI WL1831MOD / WL1837MOD
    • Dual-mode Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Bluetooth v4.1 Compliance and CSA2 Support
    • Host Controller Interface (HCI) Transport for Bluetooth Over UART
    I/O Signals ADC, GPIO, I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, USB
    Industrial Temperature Grade -40°C to +85°C
    Supported Technologies Wi-Fi WLAN, Wi-Fi Direct Concurrent Operation (Multichannel, Multirole), Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE



    Supported Platforms

    For a full range of supported platforms, please refer to Supported Platforms

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