Yulo Connect

Yulo Connect extends the capability of the Koala Connect® to create a tiny yet powerful IoT platform.


Yulo Connect extends the functionality of the Koala Connect to create a tiny yet powerful IoT platform with modular sensors and a battery support board to enable compact battery powered projects. Yulo Connect has been designed to get your hardware/software prototype up and running quickly and smoothly with a variety of easily interchangeable sensor packages. Offering the same wireless connectivity choices as the Koala Connect, many Yulo Connect and BLE devices can be connected together to create a IoT sensor network. Get your IoT project up and running with reduced risk and start publishing sensor data to the cloud in minutes with the support of our MQTT demo application.




Yulo Connect sensor modules work on a I2C bus using standard header connectors to enable easy interchangeability. Its open design allows for easy integration with sensor boards of your own design or ours, we have many sensor boards available which covers most popular sensor types you may find in a embedded IoT product.

Yulo Sensor Modules

  • Atmospheric board with Temperature, Humidity & Barometric pressure sensors for monitoring weather and altitude data.
  • 4 Channel Capacitive Touch board with high resolution and ±15 pF of range, capable of sensor rain, proximity and touch.
  • IO Expander with 5 GPIOs and RGB LED.
  • Light board with Ambient, UV & RGBC Colour sensing.
  • Inertia board with 9 Axis IMU for Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer.
  • I2C Expander for two external devices.
  • Haptic Motor Driver board for both ERM and LRA type motors, with build in effects library.
  • Support Board

  • Battery management for single-cell 3.7V LiPo.
  • On-board battery charging via micro USB.
  • 64Mb external Flash (NVM) storage.
  • Yulo Connect Carrier

  • I2C bus header supporting a variety of Yulo sensor modules
  • 6-pin JTAG programming interface


  • Health & Medical
  • Smart home
  • Internet of Thing (IoT)
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation


    MCU ST STM32F412, TI MSP432P4111
    Wi-Fi Radio TI WL1831MOD / WL1837MOD 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz -96.3dBm RX Sensitivity STA, AP & Wi-Fi Direct Modes
    Bluetooth®/BLE Radio TI WL1831MOD / WL1837MOD Dual-mode Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth v4.1 Compliance and CSA2 Support Host Controller Interface (HCI) Transport for Bluetooth Over UART
    I/O Signals ADC, GPIO, I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, USB
    Support board S25FL064LABNFI043 nonvolatile 64Mb flash memory, MCP73831T-2DCI/OTCT-ND LiPo Charger
    Sensor board
  • Light: TCS3472, OPT3001, VEML6070
  • Inertia: MPU-9250
  • Atmospheric: HDC1080, BMP280
  • IO Expander: TCA6408A, RGB LED
  • Haptic driver: DRV2605L
  • Capacitive Touch: FDC1004Q
  • Dimensions 25mm(W) x 55mm(L) x 8-30mm(H)



    Supported Platforms

    For a full range of supported platforms, please refer to Supported Platforms

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