Next Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

At Daimler AG we always monitor innovative Technologies. --Markus Hammori (HMI Architecture and Instrument Cluster, Daimler AG)

Daimler AG has been at the leading edge since the inception of the automotive technology and remains the market leader in research and innovation.

Before technology is selected for inclusion in future models, Daimler carries out significant investigation to determine how to enhance the user experience. For In-Vehicle Infotainment, this means selecting technologies that will make the user interface in the car even more intuitive, and provide maximum functionality, without distraction to the driver.

When Daimler sought technology partners for an innovative predevelopment project they assembled a team of niche engineering experts from around the world.

Together, Green Hills Software and Clarinox provided a robust real time operating system (RTOS) and wireless connectivity platform, combined with extensive experience in wireless product development. This placed the team in a unique position to ensure the construction of a robust multimedia streaming architecture.

Clarinox Product

Green Hills Product
INTEGRITY RTOS and Middleware (TCP/IP)

Clarinox/Green Hills Role
Provide RTOS and Wi-Fi® Direct functionality covering wireless SD card hardware and wireless connectivity software. To perform this task Clarinox used the Jannal IDE to generate and debug the system which enabled the design, manufacture and assembly of the wireless SD card hardware as well as customised protocol stack software within five weeks of project start. Green Hills Software had to provide full board support package (BSP) for the iMx6 and TI WiLink6 target platform. Given that an extensive set of drivers were already available, the only required customization was an enhancement to the SD Card driver to support the Clarinox hardware. A long-term partnership between the two companies ensured efficient integration of the TCP/IP networking and WiFi stacks.

Daimler, as a prestige automobile manufacturer, is at the leading edge of technology embracing innovative product functionality.The expectation for leading edge technology is extended to all component vendors, so when Daimler AG sought a supplier for the RTOS and connectivity functionality the vendor had to be innovative. Green Hills Software and Clarinox were selected based on the pedigree and quality capabilities of the platform, combined with clear application program interfaces (APIs) and enhanced debug tools. The Freescale iMx6 Quad-core platform and Texas Instruments WiLink6 wireless chipset completed the major components of the target IVI platform.

Customer comment
The prototype enabled us to test out new technologies in a manner that otherwise would not have been possible. The combined offering of Clarinox connectivity on the Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS provided a robust, safe and flexible foundation upon which many innovative telematics features could be tested.

Final comment
Daimler AG, known for unsurpassed quality, chose the combination of Green Hills and Clarinox software for their pre-development project needs.

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