Clarinox Technologies and Express Logic partner to demonstrate X-Ware IoT platform, bringing performance, robustness and security to wireless connectivity solutions

Nürnberg | Germany | February 26, 2019 — Clarinox Technologies, the leading independent connectivity vendor, provider of ClarinoxBlue® Bluetooth protocol stack, ClarinoxWiFi® WLAN protocol stack, ClariFi® state of the art debugger, Koala Connect® and Koala EVM® has collaborated with Express Logic, provider of the popular ThreadX® RTOS, to produce a fully functional, verified, multi-platform connectivity solution.

The industry-leading X-Ware IoT platform is suitable for IoT sensor networks, devices, edge routers and gateways. It is the industrial-grade alternative for customers who must quickly and easily develop systems that connect over wireless mesh, or standard wireless networks, to the cloud. It has been designed from the ground up to be industrial grade and incorporates certified and qualified components.

“Cloud-networked IoT devices on the edge require reliable, safe, and secure connectivity” said William E. Lamie, President, Express Logic. “Express Logic’s high-performance ThreadX RTOS is the perfect partner for the Clarinox Technology’s award-winning wireless protocol stack software.” says Trish Messiter, CEO, Clarinox Technologies. “We are honoured to work with Express Logic to produce a solution that has high performance, security and advanced features, all designed and developed to be easy to use.”

The X-Ware IoT Platform is much more than just an RTOS, TCP/IP and wireless protocol stacks. It includes fied FileX®, GUIX™, USBX™ and the advanced debugging capability of Clarinox Technologies ClariFi debugger. Embedded developers can leverage the solution to create IoT applications that do far more than simply communicate with the cloud.

The X-Ware IoT Platform is demonstrated by Clarinox Technologies on the Express Logic booth 4-122, Embedded World 2019.


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