RFID Improves the Manufacturing of Automotive Vehicles

In large busy manufacturing environments misplacement and loss can have large impact upon efficiency. Electronic tracking of assets helps to reduce the possibility of such events impacting upon production schedules by ensuring that the location of critical or expensive components and finished goods are known at all times.

On Hand When Required

Within their assembly line plant Ford had some issues with expensive components not being able to be found on time, or sometimes at all. This issue was overcome by an electronic system that provided constant information about the location of these items and could be linked to building security to ensure appropriate action, such as alarms, could sound should the components move outside of their designated area.

Wireless Data Transfer

Collection of data automatically removes the time consuming and error prone method of manually keeping asset management systems continuously up to date in a fast moving assembly line environment. The implementation of the system by Clarinox improved operational efficiency and quickly repaid the return on investment. The generic framework provided by Clarinox together with the innovative electronic designs of Turkish partner, Edel Technologies, opens the opportunity to integrate a number of electronic systems such as building access rights with asset tracking giving flexibility and enhanced customisation to the individual needs of each site.

Clarinox Role

Clarinox, together with Edel Technologies handled the project from the design of active RFID tags and readers through to the customisation and integration to meet reading distance and accuracy criteria in different regions within the installation. This active system was integrated with a passive system for building access and the information combined and made available via a web based user interface.

Future Plans

This system was installed with one site to provide full feedback upon useability and system improvements. Over time the system will be upgraded and rolled out to Ford’s many other facilities.

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