Lightening the Load for Emergency Personnel

Police, ambulance, fire fighters, in fact all emergency personnel, have to work efficiently under enormous pressure. Any reduction in time required to perform, even the smallest of tasks, has the potential to save lives.

Clarinox has worked with a number of the leading radio communications companies including Cobham, Simoco & Tait Communications. These companies supply both mobile and portable products to emergency service personnel. 

The Clarinox experience in wireless product development, combined with the Clarinox portfolio of wireless protocols, software tools and hardware reference designs place us in a unique position to ensure the success of wireless communication developments. 

Clarinox worked inline with the customer to successfully incorporate additional wireless technologies into existing emergency personnel radio and communication products. 

Clarinox Role 

In the project for Tait Communications, Clarinox assisted by designing a robust short range wireless extension for the Tait DMR TM9300 products. This Bluetooth wireless extension enabled emergency personnel the freedom to access the radio communication system from a wearable device, thus saving precious time in critical situations. Improving efficiency and allowing emergency personnel to continue with their job. 

Bluetooth was used to make it possible to develop a secure wireless extension to the existing radio product. This solution was developed a platform comprised of SPARC LEON processor with eCos operating system. Bluetooth hardware used in the project was the MuRata BlueModule Type66 part number LBEH19UQJC. 

Clarinox provided ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth stack license and engineering services. The engineering services covered the Bluetooth subsystem items of porting, customisation, application level software development, integration and test. Additionally Clarinox provided Bluetooth qualification consultancy services. Bluetooth stack profiles included Headset (HSP), HandsFree (HFP) and Serial Port Profile (SPP). 

Outcome for Client 

Tait succeeded in their aim of developing upgraded handsets to offer their clients. The upgraded handset concept was so well received by the market that this device is to be deployed to the Victorian Country Fire Association (CFA), a valuable and high profile account to win. 

Future Plans 

The project provides a system to enhance efficiency of emergency personnel. Future plans involve extending functionality to a multitude of other devices and so develop a network of personal devices to assist emergency personal with the handset as the central, co-ordinating device. 

The plans include extending beyond the needs of the CFA and addressing the needs of other major segments such as police, such as shown in Figure 6. 



Figure 6: The Bluetooth short range extension can allow emergency personnel to communicate via radio without discontinuing his/her task.



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